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Hello - It's me, Molly!

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Picture of Molly O'Donoghue the graphic designer illustrator. Mixed in with Illustrations of stars, lines and spots.

I'm Molly an Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in sunny Manchester. I'm in the process of making some new stuff, but I usually create colourful prints and cards! I'm a big fan of anything arty farty and my happy place is the pub on a sunny day 🌞

A desk with multi-coloured windows behind it.The desk has a computer and pens on it. Squiggles have been drawn on top of the photograph
My Space

This is “my space” in the living room, where me and my lovely flatmate nosy at the rear-window esque view we have of the other inhabitants of our building and avoid doing work. I’ve had lots of creative spaces over the years which I thought I’d document alongside my current one, each one of them fab!


I like to think that I find inspiration everywhere but after being home bound for the past year I’ve had to rely on good ol’ books! Here’s a selection of my favourites from a book all about Jazz covers to the best self-defence book to be published in 1977 📚



My process usually consists of a lot of procrastination and play, which can sometimes lead to a fun, new and interesting ideas! Other times ends up being an hour of messing around with watercolours and play dough - both equally as valuable to my work process

an illustration of a building with smoke coming out of it's chimney
*New* Work

My Work

I'm in the process of change at the moment, my work over the last few weeks has taken on a slightly different style - although probably looks the same to everyone else haha. So I don't have a body of work at the moment that I'm proud of showing, even my website might need a bit of an overhaul, maybe a name change is even in sight - who knows! Keep your eyes peeled 👀

Although if you do what any of my cards or prints before they’re discontinued head over to my SHOP section ✨

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